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Please follow the links and view the three videos. Address the bulleted items in 150 to 200 words or more. 

International negotiations are challenges because of cultural differences. Verbal communication is difficult to navigate, however, nonverbal is even more important to understand. Think for a minute meeting someone new that wasn’t from your city or country, their manners and gestures may seem different or a little odd. In this discussion please consider the power of nonverbal communication and cultural traditions in an international setting. Watch the videos and answer the questions as part of your discussion.

You may use additional research to support your answers and remember to cite your sources. Then respond to at least two classmate’s posts.

Based you post on the following questions:

•  What do you think is the most common mistake made in international negotiations related to nonverbal communications and traditions?

•  What steps would you take to be prepared for a face to face nonverbal communication during a negotiation with a company from another country?

•  What nonverbal communication, gesture or tradition might you have to be aware of when meeting with someone from another country?

Please view videos:

How Emotions Differ Across Cultures


Funny, But True: Cultural Differences


Unsuccessful Cross Cultural Negotiation – Korea


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