I Will Pay For The Following Essay Behaviour Management Statement The Essay Is T

I will pay for the following essay Behaviour Management Statement. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Due to individual differences and even disability, the skill of communication and understanding is important. Through this the educator can gain the interest and curiosity of the student, keep it and achieve an open line of communication towards learning,

Misbehaviour is an important focus in the learning process of special children because it can hinder the learning process. There are different reasons why a student misbehaves. One instance is the lack of understanding with what a student is trying to communicate due to focus on another student. When the student is then asked to participate misbehaviour can occur. One reason is that the student can see the participation of other students and is anxious that he or she cannot perform the task. Another is that the student can see that I failed to understand reasons for the misbehaviour.

In such situations, I consider that continuous effort to gain the students attention and interest as an important factor. This can be attributed to the fact that communication is the main alley for learning. This can only occur if variation in teaching methods is used. A group of students had different needs when it comes to learning. Some are active learners and others can be considered passive. Thus, it is important to have lessons addressing to both needs. For problematic students, knowing their possible problems such as home issues and peer pressures can also improve the approach that can be applied as a teacher. Determining the root of the misbehaviour is essential. As an educator, it is also important for me to prevent actions that can cause and trigger misbehaviour in students such as disregard to the individual differences of the students and failure to determine their capacity thus giving them activities they cannot accomplish. Being a bad example in behaviour and negative form of reinforcements are also needed to be prevented (Conway).

The responsibility of an educator is not bounded

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