I Will Pay For The Following Essay Behind Processed Food The Essay Is To Be 7 Pa

I will pay for the following essay Behind processed food. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The process of chemically treating foods was introduced in 1910, by the 1930s, frozen food became available, and the phenomenon of fast food emerged in the 1940s and became popular quickly. Obviously fast food is chemically treated and not natural and generally unhealthy, in 1994, food became even more manipulated with the introduction of genetically modified organisms (Leite 1)). Now we have huge supermarkets and a lot of the foods available in them is unhealthy processed food. Overweight rates in the world are increasing and the United States are the highest rated country when it comes to this subject, if the obesity being in high rates we need to find a solution to this phenomenon. Processed foods should contain more natural ingredients and the government should be more involved in regulating the ingredients that are put into these foods to maintain the population healthy and so the rate of health issues due to overweight becomes lower.

Food is our guiltiest pleasure. food is related to all our festivities, whenever there is a birthday there is a cake, in Christmas family gatherings, when we go out with friends usually there food involved. Food is the most important part of our lives wherever we go there is food and we use it to sustain ourselve (Kim 54). We obviously need food to survive but we do not know is that by consuming these foods we might be killing our self. Processed food is everywhere in our lives and it’s very difficult to out run it. Of course, there are places like Whole Foods which distribute unprocessed, all-natural, healthy food to its customers. Their items are naturally grown and fresh and contain little to none chemicals. No matter where we go we try to buy our food there is always going to be a little bit of some form of chemicals. This is why places like whole foods are convenient, especially for the people

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