I Will Pay For The Following Essay Bhs 400 Stress Management Module 5 Slp The Es

I will pay for the following essay BHS 400 STRESS MANAGEMENT (Module 5 SLP). The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Good psychological adjustment to the situation and realization of inner capabilities would help to develop stress resistance. The diverse approaches of effective coping and stress management can be broadly classified into three Categories:

Cognitive (Thought) Or Re-Framing Strategies and Emotion-Based Strategies (Feeling) are palliative tactics which are conceptualized to control emotional disturbances and distress. Action-Based Strategies falls under the Instrumental or problem focused approaches. Action-Based Strategies are directed towards changing stressed environment or adapt oneself to the situation to avoid the stress effectively (Koslowsky, Kluger, & Reich, 1995, p. 129, 130).

The person starts blaming himself/herself for the negative consequence. The illogical thinking includes catastrophizing (exaggeration of harmful effect), personalizing (holding responsible for negative outcome), all-or-nothing thinking (feeling of losing always), overgeneralizing (fixing oneself to unpleasant endless pattern), and mental filtering (ignoring good part). (Tuller, Jan 22, 2002). Cognitive strategy is basically dealing with alteration of a thought process. Person is made to rethink the perception about the situation that made him upset. Basic assumptions about certain event is strategically changed or reframed to reduce negative outcome of the event. This might involve restructuring of words to change their meanings about worrisome event. The bothersome unnecessary thoughts are displaced by good and pleasing thoughts. This optimistic interpretation would help to sound and feel more pleasant about the same situation. The stressed individual should edit the situation by deleting the undesirable aspects in mental process, and make the condition more favorable (Pargman, 2006, p. 145). Reducing of thought errors is a difficult,

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