I Will Pay For The Following Essay Book Discussion The Essay Is To Be 5 Pages Wi

I will pay for the following essay Book discussion. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Another one was the theme of accountability. This theme has been able to express itself in different parts of the book. In the Bulls Eye organization, there were a number of managers, including John and Barb, who head different departments. Their boss, Nancy had some occasional meetings with them so as to review on their departments’ performances. Every manager was made accountable for the results his or her department was yielding to the organization. During some weekends, John has to report to his office so as to correct the bad job that was done by his team. All this is because he is the one made accountable for the results.

There is the theme of togetherness that has clearly come out in the book. In the book, the author has nearly mentioned Ubuntu on a number of pages. Simon says, “It doesn’t make any difference if it was my work or someone else work. We are all into this as a department. I want to help, it is Ubuntu” (pg. 19). This is after the department lead by John, Simon is a member, had failed in meeting their levels of expected results of the organization. The theme has shown that indeed to have success in a group, then you must have collaboration and team work.

Most of the story took place in the USA, particularly in Chicago. This is evident in the book when the author says, “Twenty miles outside of Chicago, at a small…” (pg. 12). In this particular text, the author was describing the coffee shop where Alexandra and Steve went to take some coffee. Major part of the story in this book, especially chapter one takes place at the premises or offices of BullsEye organization. The majority of the characters in this story is having their origins in the USA, in fact, they are all citizens of The United States. We only have Simon, who was born in South Africa during the Apartheid system though he is an

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