I Will Pay For The Following Essay Business Commuication Writing The Essay Is To

I will pay for the following essay Business Commuication Writing. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

190). This is not the case because this act will create gaps in an applicant’s resume and gaps between jobs are not appreciated by an interviewer or screener. This will make the screener believe that an applicant is incompetent and due to this, he had failed to find jobs.

It is wrong to state employment in an organization in which an applicant has not worked at all, because the human resource team has a huge network and they know other individuals of the human resource management department of other organizations and can easily obtain information about a particular individual’s employment with another organization. The human resource management team even has contacts with the government and can easily obtain background information about a particular applicant.

It is okay to provide a photograph attached with the resume because a photograph provides a lot of information about a particular applicant, such as personality and looks which are quite important for recruiters. Even if the photograph provides information that may help the recruiters in making a biased decision, there is no harm in it because the same information is provided in the resume by the applicant.

Those applicants that show an “I” attitude or, in other words, those who try to paint a picture that they can perform alone are not welcomed by current recruiters because recruiters today try to locate applicants and employees who have an ability to work along with a team. Those who show an individualistic attitude fail to pass the interviewing phase as recruiters know that today an individual cannot perform alone and needs a team to perform a task.

An applicant might be told by many that they should be deceptive in their CVs, but this is not true as deceptive CVs and those that are not deceptive are treated equally, and CVs do not ensure that an applicant will get a job. rather, they ensure that an applicant will get a

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