I Will Pay For The Following Essay Business Marketing Report Imptoving Quality S

I will pay for the following essay Business marketing report (imptoving quality service and crafting the service environment). The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Major issues explored are the differentiation, managing the human resources and automation element. Suggested solutions are provided to allow the company redesign its service processes and better them. Use of diagrams and graphs has been made to anchor the understanding of the reader.

Bunzl vending services boasts of 25 years of glorious experience in providing vending services of all sizes and complexities across UK. With organizational culture of efficiency and detailed attention, it leads the home refreshment services industry by continually incorporating innovation and quality in its services assortments.

The company is ISO 14001 and 19001 certified which shows its quality-oriented business proposition. The company provides all sorts of vending services namely coffee, water, snacks and others for both commercial and industrial purposes. Its environment friendly initiative puts in place the objective of proper cleaning of vending machines through harmless chemicals, recycling of waste and minimizing transportation and storage costs of stocks by contracting with local suppliers (Bunzl Vending Services n.d).

As already remarked, Bunzl vending services are ahead of their competitors in the service quality level. Identification of shortcomings in the service processes and delivery obviate strategic hiccups in the service designing of the company. Vending services are common to all that they are more technology and automation oriented, yet the success of these services rely on how well the service components are distinguished and differentiated from the traditional aspects (Lovelock & Wirtz 2007).

For Bunzl vending services, its own employees are only technical facilitators while its customers are the actual employees because they themselves operate the machines, manage the vending area and are responsible for other facility issues arising. In this regard, it becomes essential that the

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