I Will Pay For The Following Essay Business Strategy Report Morrison S The Essay

I will pay for the following essay Business Strategy Report: Morrison’s. The essay is to be 14 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The report will then analyse Morrison strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses and conclude by recommending new strategies and ways upon which they can be implemented.

The Morrison Company is a food and grocery retailer that is based in the United Kingdom. The organization has a large market share in the UK where it has more than 500 stores (Morrisons 2013). The supermarket that is widely known was created in the year 1899 in Bradford by William Morrison who started it as an egg and butter stall. In the year 1958, as noted in the Morrisons website, (n. d), the stalls began to offer self-service and opened up a shop in the town of Bradford. The year 1961 saw the opening of its first supermarket in Bradford that sold groceries and fresh meat. After opening the first supermarket, the company began its expansion process to other areas. This is visible from the year 1978 when it took over the Whelan stores. The company later expanded to Wakefield, England, Wales, Scotland and many more places across the United Kingdom.

Hegarty (2014) observes that the organization increased its market shares through the takeover of Safeway and the acquisition of Rathbone in the year 2004 and 2005 respectively. Since then, the supermarket has grown and diversified its food products in order to meet consumer needs. It has adopted technology and innovation by the development of M local stores where customers can easily order for products (Morrisons n.d). The stores have been termed as efficient because they offer products to consumers at low costs and save time because of quick online delivery systems. Its development and expansion is visible because the organization now has its own meat processing unit and manufacturing business.

The purpose of the organization is to offer fresh and quality foods and services to its customers that will enhance its expansion and growth (Morrisons 2013). It is committed to meeting customer needs hence the reason for use of

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