I Will Pay For The Following Essay By Using The Three Ecologies By Felix Guattar

I will pay for the following essay By using ”The Three Ecologies” by Felix Guattari and ” Frankenstein” to use evidence. find a subject in which the Three ecol. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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As a result, the global world will experience increasing homogenization from the sponsorship of control forces, which he names Integrated World Capitalism. It is under the three relation types (subjective, social and environmental), which constitute the three ecologies under the Guattari’s book title (Ricke, 2012). This article will discuss the environmental impacts of a meat industry. In addition, the essay will focus on the measures that people can take to reduce the environmental disasters and why people fail to act as a group. Guattari indicates that people should think in unison about the three crucial ecologies based on a worldwide scale under the ethico-political point of view as he labels it ecosophy (p. 28). According to Guattari, it is unheard of for people to separate the three ecologies especially because he argues that the divide in culture/nature has fallen down due to technical developments (Ricke, 2012). Extending the meaning of ecology in order to take into consideration the human subjectivity, environmental concerns and social relations, “The Three Ecologies” indicates that all the ecological Earth crisis threatening the planet originates from capitalism’s expansion. Therefore, Guattari suggests that people should develop new ecosophical strategies that will respect the distinctions between a living system and another. On this note, it is essential to discuss the environmental impacts of meat production and consumption. Environmental impacts of meat industries By March 2010, the global production of meat tripled, and the trend had been so for three continuous decades. Consequently, by 2020, the meat productions all over the world will double the amount currently (Dosse, 2011). The increasing livestock evolution exerts several impacts not only to the environment, but also to the social life such as environmental destruction, worldwide economy, and impacts on human health. Brief Background Statistics show a shocking aspect by indicating that when a person consumes one pound in meat form, it is equal as leveling fifty-five square feet in terms of rainforest. The production of meat is the leading contributing aspect causing environmental issues in the world such as water crisis, pollution, climate change, rainforest destruction and the diminishing arable farmland (Miller &amp. Spoolman, 2008). In as much as people might gather health advantages of consuming meat, the same not only puts their health at risk, but also indicates a significant danger to the environment in the future. More so, it is crucial to outline some of the key results in the report. Over 1.7 billion livestock in the world constitutes the livestock production, which occupy over a quarter of the entire land on Earth. The production and distribution of animal staple feed takes around a third of the entire arable land. At least forty percent of the worldwide agricultural product from the domestic sources comes from livestock production (Guattari, 2005). The sector of livestock production inclusive of transport and feed production emits at least eighteen percent of the entire greenhouse air pollution through gas emissions in the world (Ricke, 2012). Around 800 million citizens in the US could consume the entire grain that livestock feed. The industries feed their farm animals using at least 70 percent of the grain.

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