I Will Pay For The Following Essay Care Management The Essay Is To Be 2 Pages Wi

I will pay for the following essay Care management. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Here you are dealing with human beings, not furniture! Veronica arranged to have the referral documentation completed and waited for a place for Mrs. James in good faith.

But what happened? It is quite surprising that Veronica Gibbs, the Ward Manager was not aware of a particular procedural aspect that affected her and her patient. The age difference and the merit of the case is a later issue. The prime question is, why Veronica Gibbs was not taken into confidence, at least informed in advance, about the impending admission of a patient, on out-of -turn basis, superceding the ‘seniority’ of Veronica Gibbs! Veronica arranged to have the referral documentation completed and waited for a place for her patient. Coffee house is not the place for Veronica to know, how she has been overruled. That too it is a matter of chance that she came to know about it! This lapse on the part of the authority that took decision to admit a junior patient without the knowledge of Veronica Gibbs is regrettable and difficult to condone!

Assuming for a while that the young patient required the treatment for a short duration (as compared to the assumed treatment of Mrs. Violet James for a longer duration) yet, the clandestine admission of the junior patient can not be justified. Mrs. James is bound to know about this development. Won’t she feel betrayed by Veronica Gibbs? Even she too should have been taken into confidence, as to why a junior patient was considered for admission and the special reasons about it. All concerned would have been happy. Trust betrayed takes time to heal, at times, it may never heal at all. With this wrong advertisement, the good will of the Care Management will suffer much. Without doubt, the practice adopted by the Care Management, is wrong.

I know a case where a rich patient admitted to the hospital for kidney transplantation, getting preference in the matter related to operation. The specialist

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