I Will Pay For The Following Essay Case Study Mcdonalds Tests Catfish Sandwich T

I will pay for the following essay Case study>McDonalds Tests Catfish Sandwich. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Sale cannot be successful if catfish sandwich is sold besides competitors. Location also matters. Successful sales can also attribute to high product price rather than volume which are achievable by not only increasing but also maintaining quality.

Dependence on just one supplier for supply can be disadvantageous in terms of both cost and volume. Catfish Institute director Bill Allen said that farmers, processors, and marketers salvation won’t solely depend on the supply to McDonald’s for catfish as they have other customers as well. More than one suppliers eases supply constrain which can be caused by lack of stock by one of the supplier. It is also important for a successful rollout to ensure that sales as compared to supply are perfect. Not too much supply which can result in quality issues as the stock is usually non-durable and not too less supply which can hurt sale volume.

Evaluation of the product by customers is very important not only from the view of the product satisfaction itself but also the environment provided. In this case rating data could be used to evaluate the product quality mostly recommended rating wise. A survey of the initial customers could let the management know through which mode of communication customers came to know about the product. Not only this could let us know the success advertising played but also the customer turnover in relation with the frequency of advertising made on television. Supply sales volume ratio comparison with target supply sales volume ratio could tell us about the supply side of the sandwich as to whether overstocking, under stocking or neither of that

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