I Will Pay For The Following Essay Cask Of Amontillado Part Iii The Essay Is To

I will pay for the following essay Cask of Amontillado (Part III). The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Instead of becoming anguished at the knowledge that he proudly brings across a personal account of how he gradually led Fortunato to his ill fate of death in his palazzo, I feel that he plainly needs to be understood of a principle that nobody should dare underestimate. It is as though not even great friendship could save from breaking a man like Montresor who justifies himself by claiming that he is the kind who would not let an insult by anyone pass without getting redressed. He states “I must not only punish, but punish with impunity” and this makes a reader realize the severity or gravity of Fortunato’s shortfall in an occasion of insult which, to the part of the wronged friend, occurs impossible to forgive. Apparently, even if Montresor provides no specific details of the manner he was gravely disappointed or disgraced by Fortunato, I can readily gain an insight of understanding the ground for conflict when he begins with an exaggeration – “The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could.” Through their conversation, one would have an ease of recognizing that both Montresor and Fortunato belonged to the upper class of an Italian society since the former had mansion and the latter was a connoisseur of wine. Though no particulars are mentioned regarding the place where the two exactly met other than carnival, this is sufficient hint of a spot in which Fortunato could be found inebriated upon drinking heavily. At this stage, Montresor is said to have entered the scene and communicated the Amontillado in possession, the lure of which Fortunato had not been able to resist in his imagination despite the fact that he was already high in spirits. Eventually, Fortunato kept exclaiming “Amontillado!” so that this portion of the story indicates Poe’s use of foreshadowing where Montresor must have known his friend’s weakness prior so he may work around this aspect to carry out his plan of revenge. He looks widely aware of the drunken man’s affairs and his serious fascination for liquor that he had thus acquired the opportunity to take advantage of his poor situation, knowing that Fortunato was subject to being a victim of his own foolishness and addiction to spirits. Then because this is the case, Montresor felt confident that he could effortlessly drag his target toward his course of entrapment which was merely due to Fortunato’s illusion over the non-existent Amontillado. It appears that in his perspective, Montresor had sought triumph and resolution of conflict through instances of irony. For one, he expressed concern in the health of Fortunato, convincing him to decline their going to the vaults for he knew well that he would be opposed and his friend would insist and not cease in urging for them to proceed on seeing the precious cask. Such irony may be observed effective because of the growing sense of curiosity in Fortunato where it seems there was no way he could be held back from foolish madness for what he believed to be an exquisite object of intoxication.

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