I Will Pay For The Following Essay Cereal Case The Essay Is To Be 3 Pages With T

I will pay for the following essay Cereal Case. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Generation after generation of parents are persuaded through clever advertising that cereal is a healthy and delicious breakfast staple that will make their children grow up big and strong. Builds strong bones, will make you a better athlete, supplies vital daily nutrients — are just some of the dialogues propounded by commercials.

On a visit to the grocery store ‘Scott’s’ in Kendallville, Indiana. the popularity and demand for the breakfast cereals was evident by the sheer variety of cereals available. There are over a 100 kinds of cereals on offer, with prices ranging from $1.94 to $4.72, depending on the category and brand. Almost all brands of cereal are available. an entire isle with 5 shelves is devoted to cereals alone.

At a glance the cereal market can be segmented into ready-to-eat (RTE) cereals (cold cereals) and hot cereals. RTE cereals just have to be added to milk, water or yogurt, according to individual preference, and they are ready to be consumed. On the other hand hot cereals have to be cooked before they can be consumed, although the cooking time is minimal and cereals can either be cooked over the stove or micro-waved. Often breakfast cereals are also fortified with various vitamins, to add further nutritious value to the meal. The cereals are especially popular because they can be ready to eat in a jiffy with minimal effort / time spent in preparing them. At the same time they satisfy the parents that the child is being appropriately fed even if takes no effort to prepare the said nutritious meal. The children on the other hand are quite happy to have a cereal that is full of all their favourite attributes, i.e. flavor as in. cocoa, strawberry, honey, etc., degree of crispiness, frosted, sugared, etc., and of course comes with a surprise toy or represents an idolized cartoon / movie character. Teenagers, who have a very interesting yet

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