I Will Pay For The Following Essay Change Context The Essay Is To Be 7 Pages Wit

I will pay for the following essay Change context. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

For example, one may question whether a halt in the organizations operations would result in the same changes observed and the consequent associated benefits, or, while in operation, what changes are the organization seeing in its context, that need to be taken into the account. A credible answer to these questions will allow the organization identify what is important and effective this will allow the organization to develop necessary activities that seek to drive the organization to an affirmative position, and communicate its impact in a better manner.

Change doesn’t usually occur in an unprecedented manner, and arriving at a reasonably acceptable form of change requires assessment and implementation of strategies meant to accomplish the organizations set goals. In most cases, organizational change results from major external driving forces that the organization has little control over, such as need for increase in productivity, significant cuts in funding and need to address new market targets, among others. Normally, in a bid to keep up with these changes that affect the organization, unprecedented changes must occur, devolving the organizations structure to newer improved standards that can keep up with the changing environment. Such evolving changes may include formulation of new policies such as changing from a highly hasty decision making entrepreneurial tendency to one which observes calm and critical planning preceding decision. Such a move, which alters in the organizations operations results to organization-wide change.

In comparison of three advertisements seeking to find viable individuals for employment in a managerial post, all the advertisements required highly trained individuals, with an adequate educational background. Also, the duties to be tasked to the manager were quite similar, including development of new organizational ideas, planning of the organizations expenditure, identification of issues affecting the

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