I Will Pay For The Following Essay Channel Management In B2b Markets The Essay I

I will pay for the following essay Channel Management in B2B Markets. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Consider the example of computers. computers are mass marketed products, but when it comes to a firm buying computers, it would not just look for standard specifications but beyond that, it would also look for the warranties and after-sales services and technical support availability and a list of wholesome menu to be associated with one purchase deal. Subsequently, the price of a personal computer quoted to an individual buyer would definitely be on the lower side compared to the cost of a similar computer quoted to a business customer. Conclusively, businesses cannot afford to run down on any of the two – individual customers provide volumes while business customers provide a higher profit per unit. Since the margins are on the higher side, it is important that channels of reaching the business customer are managed appropriately to ensure that the higher profits remain on the higher side.

Computers today have become a necessity rather than an accessory. there would hardly be businesses that do not have a computer in any form – from groceries to the automobile sector, and from offices to warehouses. In accordance with Thurbin (2001), he states that computers have literally revamped and ‘technologisized’ the human life by all means. Not just the individual customer’s life has been revamped but also the business processes of individuals working in various organizations. Today, in real terms, terminologies such as computers, networking, data cables, IPs, etc. are fairly common in our daily lives, but this all ultimately moves back to purchase of systems (computer systems) from particular vendors by the IT department of a firm. Such customers comprise of the business-to-business markets for computer manufacturers or suppliers.

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