I Will Pay For The Following Essay Children Placed Outside The Borough Authority

I will pay for the following essay Children Placed Outside the Borough Authority. The essay is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Looked-after children (LAC) was first used and introduced by the Children Act 1989. The term was used to refer to children and young persons who are voluntarily looked after or can also be subjected to a care order by the government. A voluntary accommodation is the act of a child or a young person to bring himself or herself to the local authority for accommodation. However, the parents still have the ultimate responsibility towards their child. Therefore, the agreement of the accommodation can be terminated by the parents or the person who has responsibility for the child. On the other hand, the care order is the request of a local authority if it is seen and proven that the child or the young person needs to be taken out from the home. The parental responsibility will be on the local authority. however, the parents of the child will also be considered during the proposal or the decision to look after the child (Children Act 1989 s. 4. Soan, 2010). Furthermore, according to studies, most of the children who are looked after are from the poorest areas of the community (Bebbington & Miles, 1989. Waterhouse & McGee, 2002 cited in Kirton, 2009), and almost 55 percent of these children are male. These children are being looked after due to the following reasons: abuse, the absence of parents, acute stress within the family, disability, dysfunctional family, low income and poverty, ill or disabled parents, and socially poor behavior (Kirton, 2009). Moreover, in September 2009, there were 43,200 children who were looked after for 12 months. 32,300 of these children were full-time students, and 8,700 of these children were with particular educational needs. The population decreased by 1 percent compared to the 43,700 in September 2008 (Department for Children, Schools, and Families, 2010).

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