I Will Pay For The Following Essay Chinese And American Manufacturing The Essay

I will pay for the following essay Chinese and American Manufacturing. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

This is due to the fact that most of the imported products that are presumed to come from China are indeed from American companies. It, therefore, becomes a fact that ‘buying from China is buying from America’ since this product are made by American firms. Examples of these products include Apple iPhones, Nike shoes, Dell computers, Mattel dolls, Gap shirts and Hasbro toys. The sentiments claimed in an advertisement posted by GarGraves that they are able to cut their prices by more than 75% despite their competitors coming from China can absolutely true. One of the factors that can concur with this statement is the fact that their energy costs are dampening manufacturing industry of China. Industrial electricity has risen by about 66%, and natural gas by about 138% in China from 2004-2014 (Boston Consulting Research, 2014). The claims made by GarGraves can also be supported by the fact that U.S is producing shale gas, which has resulted in a substantial decline in energy prices. Energy and electricity costs are not the only factors that can make GrayGrave make such claims. Logistic is a key factor in the determination of operation costs, GrayGrave does everything locally. Since everything is done locally, aspects such as inventory management are done with ease as well as increasing flexibility. Transportation of products such as special and multi-gauge track is very minimal as compared to if GryGrave decided to manufacture and import them from China, which will increase operating costs.

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