I Will Pay For The Following Essay Chinese History And Political Science The Ess

I will pay for the following essay Chinese History and Political Science. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Throughout the world of art, this piece of painting is symbolic and has symbolism that relates to the Chinese culture in various ways. In terms of nature and art, the paintings’ name. landscape, is a combination of two characters namely. water and mountains (Sullivan, 140). With such imprinted in the painting, it is safe to say that nature and art go hand in hand. They have a connection in that both can be represented as one. Water and mountains are natures’ products. they appear naturally and as such certain mountains and rivers are only present in specific places. When this is incorporated into art, then an exquisite piece is generated. one which combines both nature and art to bring out the desired effect onto the art lovers (Sullivan, 165).

In terms of tradition, paintings in the Chinese tradition are painted by artists with creative minds in that they imagine what to draw. What they imagine is idealized into landscapes, and this includes mountains (Sullivan, 182). In the Chinese culture, mountains are a blessing, and they are considered good to a persons’ soul. It is this belief that makes the Chinese people love mountains since they are viewed to reach up to the heavens. Colors used also signify something, especially that of water. When green is used, it signifies spring time while jade is summer, blue is autumn and black means winter. Chinese landscape paintings are painted with consideration and significance to the village, seasons, event, age, relationships and taste (Sullivan, 203).

The Japanese court painting is a painting that symbolizes the tradition and culture of the Japanese people also in a number of ways (Mason and Donald, 124). The painting dates back to when Buddhism and Taoism had influence over certain denominations. It came to be known as the Heian period, where art signified art and its courts.

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