Just Need A Paragraph Opinionated Answer Many Other Democracies Such As Denmark

Just need a paragraph opinionated answer.

Many other democracies such as Denmark, Italy, and Australia, have a higher voting turnout than the United States. Some of those countries have automatic universal registration and more extended voting periods. Some have mandatory voting. Watch the following video and read the following articles concerning voting in the United States and around the world.

Why Do American’s Vote on Tuesday?

US GAO – Elections: Views on Implementing Federal Elections on Weekends

PodCast on implementing Federal Elections on Weekends

Worldwide Voting Standards

Would it be a good idea to have automatic universal registration of voters, extended voting periods and/or mandatory voting in this country? Explain. Would it be a good idea to move election day to a weekend? Explain.What should Americans be more concerned about voter turnout or voter fraud? Which is more of a threat to democracy? Your discussion posting should show evidence that you read and understood the materials presented.

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