Kanga Resorts Is Interested In Developing A New Facility In Asia The Company Est

Kanga Resorts is interested in developing a new facility in Asia. The company estimates that the hotel would require an initial investment of $14 million. The company expects that the facility will produce positive cash flows of $2.6 million a year at the end of each of the next 10 years. The project’s cost of capital is 11%.

a. Calculate the expected net present value of the project.

b.   The company recognizes that the cash flows could, in fact, be much higher or lower than $2.6 million, depending on whether the host government imposes a large facility tax. One year from now, the company will know whether the tax will be imposed. There is a 40 percent chance that the tax will the imposed, in which case the yearly cash flows will be only $2 million for 10 years. At the same time, there is a 60 percent chance that the tax will not be imposed, in which case the yearly cash flows will be $3 million for 10 years.   The company is deciding whether to proceed with the facility today or to wait 1 year to find out whether the tax will be imposed. If it waits year, the initial investment will remain at $14 million, and incoming cash flows will be delayed 1 year. Assume that all cash flows are discounted at 11 percent.   Using decision tree analysis, calculate the value of the real option to wait a year before deciding. What would you recommend to the company.

c. Apart from real options, discuss 3 qualitative factors that the company should consider when making its decision on accepting the new project.

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