Multiple choice quiz- chapter 4


Multiple Choice Quiz
Chapter -4

Research that involves the preliminary exploration of a research area prior to the main qualitative data collection stage is called?
A) Quantitative research
B) Exhaustive research
C) Exploratory research
D) Quantitative research
E) Ad-Hoc research


When the researcher actively collects new data, for example by interviewing respondents, this is called which of the following?
A) Primary Research
B) Secondary Research
C) Exploratory Research
D) Respondent Research
E) Collective Research

Qualitative research aims to establish which of the following?
A) Aims to establish sales, profit and market share levels within an industry
B) Aims to establish sales and market share levels within an industry
C) Aims to establish customers’ attitudes, values, behaviour and beliefs
D) Aims to establish competitors’ attitudes, values, behaviour and beliefs
E) All of the above


The group leader who manages the discussion within a focus group is called which of the following?
A) An integrator
B) A regulator
C) An accommodator
D) An interpreter
E) A moderator


What does “defining the sample population” mean?
A) Estimating the total inhabitants of a country
B) Estimating the total inhabitants of a country and segmenting them into different age groupings
C) Defining the total number of people to survey in a research study
D) Defining the group which forms the subject of study in a particular survey
E) All of the above


A list or other record of the chosen population from which a sample can be selected is known as which of the following?
A) Sampling error
B) Sampling population
C) Sampling frame
D) Sampling process
E) Sampling agenda


Which of the following survey methods allows for the sampling of widely dispersed populations?
A) Telephone and Internet Surveys
B) Mail and Telephone Surveys
C) Mail and Internet Surveys
D) Face-to-face and Internet Surveys
E) Face-to-face and Mail Surveys


What is the major problem associated with mail surveys?
A) The costs associated with method
B) The targeting of respondents
C) Difficulty in analysis
D) Low response rates
E) All of the above are problems associated with mail surveys


The assignment of numbers to specific responses in order to facilitate the analysis of the questionnaires later on is, called which of the following?
A) Sampling
B) Probing
C) Coding
D) Numbering
E) Allocation


Which of the following is an example of internal continuous data?
A) Market research reports
B) Sales invoices
C) Government statistics
D) Published data
E) All of the above are examples of internal continuous data


A document defining what the marketing research agency promises to do for its client and how much it will cost is called which of the following?
A) Agency briefing
B) Marketing plan
C) Research brief
D) Research proposal
E) Marketing research report


The term used in research to denote the selection of a sub-set of the total population in order to interview them is called which of the following?
A) Sampling frame
B) Sampling process
C) Exploratory process
D) Exploratory selection
E) Data processing


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