Need An Argumentative Essay On Maria Montessori S Theory Of Education Needs To B

Need an argumentative essay on Maria Montessori’s Theory of Education. Needs to be 15 pages. Please no plagiarism.

He does not learn or study merely to be promoted to a higher class or in expectation of some rewards. Montessori is a special way of education where the children learn through experience. Every aspect of their experience is planned to help them grow into creative, capable, confident, and balanced individuals. Every child is assisted to nurture and stimulate his potential through various activities like music, art, and drama (Montessori Children’s Room, 2005). The classrooms are called ‘environments’ where the children experience the joy of learning. Dr. Montessori placed special emphasis on the learning materials. she introduced the child-size tables and chairs too. She believed that the learning environment was as important as the learning itself. Learning in the right environment the child experiences an inner sense of satisfaction and develops a positive attitude in life. Teachers are called ‘directress’ which reminds them not to be authoritative but to direct and motivate the child to develop himself. This leads to mutual respect and affection, which aids the child to become self-confident. A unique feature in the Montessori system is that two and three-year-olds remain within the same environment. A myth surrounds such a philosophy that the older children would take up the time and attention of the directress but it works in a positive direction for the age groups. The younger ones receive stimulus from the older ones, while the older children get to play as the role model for the younger ones, which boosts their confidence. The older children serve as teachers for the younger ones and in this way they learn faster. Since this philosophy is based that each individual is unique, this environment allows them the freedom to learn at their pace and not on the directress’s schedule of lessons (Seldin T & Epstein P, 2005). The children stay in the same environment for three years which inculcates a community feeling and stability in them. The culture tends to remain the same. Dr. Montessori believed that directress should focus on the child as a person. The child should be encouraged to ask questions, think, explore, investigate, and discover for himself. Daily lesson plans are not important. the children have to given the freedom to learn independently while retaining their creativity.

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