Need An Argumentative Essay On Maritime Logistics Assignment 1 Needs To Be 8 Pag

Need an argumentative essay on Maritime Logistics Assignment 1. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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For efficient working of several global systems, there must be a system, which facilitates the movement of the goods and the related products. Maritime logistics is the system that is used to facilitate the movement of goods and related products from place to the other. Maritime logistics is mainly concerned with the movement of goods and services from one location to the other mainly via the sea. Maritime logistics can be simply defined as a detailed coordination of maritime activities with relation to people, facilities, and supplies (Mangan, Lalwani and Butcher, 2008, p. 8) Maritime logistics is used to facilitate the movement of raw materials and finished products between the producer, manufacturer, supplier, and consumer. There are various types of cargo transported using the maritime logistics. Types of cargo transported by the maritime logistics companies include: Containerized cargo: This refers to the cargo that is transported in containers that are standardized. This type of cargo is very easy to handle as various types of equipment have been specifically designed to handle the containerized cargo. Project cargo: This refers to machinery and equipment that is exported or imported by a certain party for performance of a specific purpose. This type of cargo is difficult to handle as cargo size, shape and weight usually vary, hence making it difficult for the equipment to handle them without causing damage. Automobiles: This refers to the vehicles and similar equipment. Break bulk cargo: This refers to goods that are transported in bulk without being containerized. The main types of goods transported in this method are mineral and ores. Among the most important aspects of maritime logistics are the cost of provision of services, speed in which the products will ultimately reach the intended person, and the quality of services that the company provides. A company that is able to effectively utilize the above aspects usually has a competitive edge over the other companies. Navex maritime Navex maritime is a maritime logistics company based in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was formed in 1993 after the merger of the commercial activities of Navex N.V and Van Meerbeek &amp. Company. Both companies had been in existence for a long time, with Navex N.V having been formed in 1919 and Van Meerbeek &amp. Co. having been formed in 1946 (Navex maritime logistics company website 2011). In 2005, the company ventured into the global forwarding business. Navex logistics is mainly involved in the maritime trade as a sales agent to the ship owners, provision of third party logistic and in the forwarding of freight. The company mainly specializes in oil and gas industry and mainly handles break bulk cargo (Navex maritime logistics, company website 2011). The company’s strategic location in Antwerp, the second largest port in Europe – after Rotterdam – enables it to benefit from the volume of trade and cargo, which passes through the port to other parts of Europe. Antwerp is also among the 10 largest ports in the world. Main competitors Navex maritime faces stiff competition from the other large maritime logistics companies that have their operations in all the regions of the world including Belgium. These companies include Mediterranean shipping company, the largest maritime logistics company, A.P-Mollar Maersk group, Evergreen, P&amp.O and MOL.

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