Need An Argumentative Essay On Marketing Case Analysis Needs To Be 2 Pages Pleas

Need an argumentative essay on Marketing case analysis. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

wanted to compete directly with Southwest Airlines and was devastated. United Airlines might want to avoid such a situation too by withdrawing its operations in some major routes. Answering to the second consideration requires some strategies to be implemented.

There are two ways for doing so: continue target advertising to the California market, and try to match the United Airlines’ price increase. Target advertising involves the elements of behavioural marketing, which seeks to examine how consumers’ minds work. The main purpose of such targeting is to reach as many customers as possible. So, Southwest Airlines can continue doing so for the California customers, for which the United Airlines is planning to withdraw their operations. This would allow Southwest to maintain their competitive share of the market prominently in California. This can be done by making print or commercial ads that are pertinent and useful for the customers and those ads must be reflective of their preferences and habits in regards to airlines. This would allow Southwest to value their customers that are totally loyal to these airlines and give them the best for which their customers have strong preference. The best way of doing it is to eliminate the irrelevant attributes of the product from their advertisements because this would save a lot of advertising money and would definitely reap higher profits. But there can be limitations such as to reach as many customers as possible means a large customer base to be targeted which can prove expensive, getting to know about their behavioural patterns means that the research can be time consuming, and targeting a specific segment for the company means omission of other market segments.

The second possible solution is matching with the United’s increased fare of $10. Although Southwest has established its brand positioning as low price and high service airlines but the company has to change their strategies with the changing competitive

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