Need An Argumentative Essay On Marketing Communication Plan Needs To Be 8 Pages

Need an argumentative essay on MARKETING COMMUNICATION PLAN. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

McDonalds’s Corporation has redesigned its strategy for communication with great focus on the target audience (recipient). The strategy is designed to pass information to both internal and external parties, having interest in McDonald’s. Internal communication strategy targets mainly the staffs and shareholders, channels used to are intranet network and newsletter. External parties mainly consumers and potential investors are kept in touch with the company through promotion. The channels use is mainly advertisement using online platform and billboards, which updates them on the company’s products and services.

The Corporation has an enormous number of customers of over 68 million in 119 countries whom it has had since its inception and who are loyal to their products. Royalty between the customers and the corporation creates a solid foundation for the development of a new product.

The corporation has an enormous income of over 6 billion us dollars that it can use a portion of the revenue collected to market the already newly developed product in the market. Due to their financial stability, the corporation can employ well-trained staffs who can sell the product with diligence and excellence.

Extension of their services on top of the services already offered may increase the difficulty of management issues, therefore, the need to employ people who are highly skilled with huge experience in the sector.

United States of America has a well established political stability. political stability encourages investment and development of the already existing businesses. McDonald’s Corporation having being located in this region provides a base for its growth and development.

U.S.A has different people with different cultural practices. Due to their diversity in culture introduction of Halal meat by McDonald’s Corporation will be highly embraced by quite a

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