Need An Argumentative Essay On Marketing Conference Needs To Be 3 Pages Please N

Need an argumentative essay on Marketing Conference. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

This project is distinctive because Kick Spray is biodegradable hydraulic spray, which is invisible to the naked eye. Upon spraying all over the shoes, it functions for 24 hours. Besides, the product uses a Copenhagen enzyme based on antifouling option.

For the benefits of the consumers in identifying the product, the product should be trademarked and patented under the trademark regulations. This will enable the consumers not confuse about the quality and origin of the product.

Kick Covers Inc. is a company devoted to developing the ultimate anti-skid covers to attach or slip up onto shoes. Our mission is to develop and provide ultimate protection and dry feet solutions to consumers. Equally, the company is devoted to create a market niche and work towards sustaining it through excellent customer relations, provision of quality products and adhering to the customers’ tastes and preferences. We aim to become a vastly recognized brand name, capitalizing on the uniqueness of our product. Our goal is swift growth, annual profitability and quality product provision while maintaining our customers softy and happy.

Productivity: To provide all of the resources our employees need to remain as productive as possible. This includes employee training, equipment maintenance and purchases that go into productivity (Anderson, & Thisse, 2002).

Profitability: Our focus is in both production and operations while maintaining sustainable profit margin on our products sold. Revenue should always stay ahead of costs of doing business (Hooley, Saunders & Piercy, 2004).

Positioning: Effective product positioning can be achieved by the triangle model, which provides for three distinct strategic options. They include best product, total customer solution ad system Lock-in (Porter, 2008).

Let’s assume that our target market for instance in the State of Colorado is the group of Men and Women aged between

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