Need An Argumentative Essay On Marketing Nutrition Bar Needs To Be 4 Pages Pleas

Need an argumentative essay on Marketing: Nutrition Bar. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Distribution channels refer to a set of interdependent organizations that is responsible for availing a product or service to the consumer or a business user (Kotler &Keller 2006). The distribution channels help in hold inventory to lower transport costs, marketplace contacts, match the requirements of individual consumers to the output of various producers and improve the efficiency of the marketing system. A smart and well-developed distribution strategy makes it convenient for the consumers to access the product. The choice of the intermediary organization is strongly tied to the type of product. This report considers ways in which marketing managers can devise the proper marketing channels for the distribution of a nutrition bar (Stern 1996). Direct versus Indirect Distribution A direct channel of distribution describes a process where producers sell their products directly to the consumers. Direct distribution may involve computer sales, face-to-face sales, telephone sales, retail craft shows and many others. It does not involve the use of intermediaries (Kotler &Keller 2006). Although direct distribution allows the producer to have control of planning the distribution system for their products and maintain direct interaction with the consumers, it presents a variety of challenges. Direct distribution offers a limited geographical reach and presents a more expensive option as compared to indirect distribution. Producers are forced to invest heavily in logistics resources such as transportation and storage.

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