Need An Argumentative Essay On Marketing Strategy Of Pizza Hut In The U S Needs

Need an argumentative essay on Marketing strategy of Pizza Hut in the U.S. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The firm currently employs 160000 people in and outside the United States. The firm had a net sales value of $12.6 billion at the end of 2013, a figure that almost double of the closest rival, Domino.

The paper will analyze the different strategies that pizza hut uses to create and maintain a customer base. It also analyses the market using the standard porter five forces that include, competition analysis, threats of new entrants, and threats of substitutes and bargaining power of suppliers and buyers. Moreover, the paper will deal with marketing strategies, the 5 P’s in chapter 2.

Currently, Pizza Hut ranks first among pizza vendors in terms of market share and sales. The firm has several well off competitors whose worth in the market is worrisome for Pizza hut. Some of the major competitors are Domino, Little Caesars and Papa John’s. The competitors are engaged in similar trade as pizza hut and their success in the industry is harmful to Pizza Hut.

Domino Inc. is ranked second in sales after pizza hut. The firm is number eight in the overall quick food category. This implies that the firm offers stiff competition worthy of consideration. Given that the firm offers related services just like pizza hut, it is expected that its growth would bite into the market share of pizza hut, thus, there is a strong business rivalry between the firms in which every side want to be the market leader.

Papa John’s also offers quick services like Pizza Hut. The firm is third in the business in terms of sales. Business rivalry between the firm and pizza hut is often founded on the fact that they it offers exact related services like pizza hut. For success, pizza hut must consider the impact of market dynamics about the firm. Little Caesar comes in third, in the industry.

Pizza Hut has been able to fend off the competitive rivalry using various marketing tools. First, the company takes on offensive product promotion with

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