Need An Argumentative Essay On Martha Stewart Unethical Practices Needs To Be 4

Need an argumentative essay on Martha Stewart Unethical Practices. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Martha Stewart was able to muster enough strength to overall all insurmountable obstacles, including the stock market scandal, to retain her business and home icon status.

Martha’s website,, displays many of her business products. The business products include kids’ accessories, Crepe –paper crafts, handmade clutches /bags, clay, and other kids’ nature products. In addition, Martha Stewart sold products under the home and garden classification. The classification included organizing tips for the day. One product is helping current and prospective customers choose the right color for their homes. The classification includes organizing tips for the day. The classification offers access to her Living journal.

Martha’s website offers an entertainment product classification. The classification offers current and prospective customers to buy her regularly printed Mart’s Entertaining journal. The classification offers products relating to cocktails. The classification sells baby shower products for the expecting mothers. The classification offers products for graduation activities.

Martha Stewart’s website sells a product classification for wedding occasions. The classification offers different wedding gown designs. The classification offers seasonal ideas for the special marriage event. The classification offers 50 great wedding centerpieces.

To ensure the success of her printed products, Thomas Mickey (2003) reiterated Martha Stewart personally launched her product. She appeared on NBC’s “Today” show to discuss the many advantages of buying her Martha Stewart Living journal. In addition, Martha Stewart devoted a section of the Martha Stewart Living journal to gardening topics. The journal was a huge success among gardening enthusiasts. Martha also produced her own show. Martha Stewart’s TV show allocated a portion to gardening topics. Martha Stewart was catapulted as one of gardening gurus. However, Carrie Johnson (2005) reported Martha Stewart was entangled in one unethical situation during her stay at the top of her business career. Martha Stewart was imprisoned for her part in the ImClone Systems stock trading acts that were classified as UNETHICAL. Martha Stewart was the chief executive officer ImClone Systems. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission and the United States probe of trading. In addition, two officers and the founder of ImClone Systems, Samuel Waksal, were arrested for their part in the stock market scandal. The officers of the company sold their stocks in the market to avoid generating losses from selling their stocks AFTER the news will crop up that the company is losing money. Likewise, both Zvi Fuks, the chairman of New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, and Sabina Ben-Yehuda, an officer of an investment company with linkage to Waksal, sold their stocks after being tipped that the stock prices will drop after a few days. The arrests came after Martha Stewart served her sentence for obstructing investigation into her sale of ImClone stock.

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