Need An Argumentative Essay On Medea S Choices Needs To Be 3 Pages Please No Pla

Need an argumentative essay on Medea’s Choices. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

However, in the foreign land of the Corinthians, Jason fails to rise to her expectation and banishes her on behalf of Glauce, the daughter of the ruler of Corinth, Creon. This betrayal by Jason completely affects Media’s choice of action and the play turns to narrate the plot of the jealousy and revenge of the character betrayed by her husband. It is most relatable here that the quarrel between Jason and Medea is the heart of the play by Euripides and the following actions by the husband along with the sense of strangeness among the Corinthians forced Medea take the ultimate revenge upon Jason. As Denys Page puts it, “Jason forsook Medea. Media killed his bride, his children, and his bride’s father.” (Page, xxi) In fact, it is the feeling of a stranger in the character of Medea which basically causes her subsequent actions and this feeling in the character was reinforced by the realization that her husband is has become an insider by way of marrying Glauce. Jason’s marriage to the Corinthian princess now makes him an insider which confronts Medea’s sense of outsider in the land of the Corinthians. Therefore, the fundamental factor contributing to Medea’s choice of action in killing Jason’s children, his bride and her father is her realization that she is a stranger among the Corinthians along with the fact that Jason will turn to be an insider in the land by marrying the Corinthian princess.

The central action of the play by Euripides is the conflict between Jason and Medea which makes the husband an insider to Corinth and makes the wife remain a stranger to the land. Jason’s marriage to the Corinthian princess Glauce brings about a tragic situation to Medea who is left alone in a land of the strangers. She trusted Jason completely to leave everything she kept close to her heart. However, she comes to face a frustrating situation in Corinth where she feels a stranger when

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