Need An Argumentative Essay On Meditation And Kaballah Based On Work Of Rabbi Ar

Need an argumentative essay on Meditation and Kaballah based on work of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

He speculated that, during the biblical times, many people (over a million) were involved in regular schools of meditation and meditative disciplines2.

Mantra meditation is best-known meditation today. Mantra is an Eastern term that denotes a word or phrase that is repeated severally in a meditative exercise. The immediate result of mantra meditation is relaxation of the body. In this meditation, when the body relaxes more, the mind becomes more active. It is more like the body releasing some energy which the mind can make use of it. Mantra meditation is an excellent relaxation technique. Thus, several psychologists have created religious neutral types of mantra meditation to instigate relaxation response. Mantra meditation works mainly through habituation3. The first reference to mantra form of meditation is found in the primary text of Merkavah mysticism called Heykhaloth Rabbatai. The text dates from the Talmudic times. In this text, mantra is seen as the first phase in the discipline of chariot. It seems that biblical verses or Zohar or Talmud selections were used as mantras in later Kabbalistic schools4.

Visualization is a crucial discipline in meditation because individuals learn how to control images seen when they close their eyes. When one is capable of controlling these images, he will learn how to maintain an image in the eye of the mind. Visualization meditation begins by one closing his eyes, taking a relaxing position, and permitting the images in mind’s eyes to stabilize5. A crucial aid in visualization is the object’s name to be visualized. Another significant aid is to begin visualization exercise with observational meditation. Kabbalah texts that deal with meditation have talked extensively about visualization. For instance, Sefer Yetzirah denotes two processes depicting the letters hewing (chatzivah) and engraving (chakikah)6.

Nothingness is an advanced form of meditation and cannot be used by beginners. It

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