Need An Argumentative Essay On Mktg 466 Final Exam Needs To Be 12 Pages Please N

Need an argumentative essay on MKTG 466 = FINAL EXAM. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.

An independent variable is an assumed causal variable whereas, a dependent variable is an assumed effect variable. The primary or key term in these definitions is the assumed as researchers are always in doubt whether a particular variable has caused another variable to change. In a research, it is assumed that it does but cannot be stated with certainty. For example, in a research if lack of sleep predicts increase usage of coffee, then lack of sleep is independent whereas, increased coffee consumption is dependent variable.

Construct on the other hand is intangible, abstract and unobservable perception which is directly gauged with a set of related variables. For example customer satisfaction, service quality and brand appeal are some of the constructs. Some of the constructs which depict the respondents’ personality or uniqueness can also be measured. For example creativity, helpfulness, effects of various deals offered by various brands and so on.

Relationships in a causal study depict the connection between two or more variables. Relationships between variables may be positive or negative. Positive relationships means than the variable are in direct proportion with each other and increase or decrease simultaneously. For example the more educated a person, the more likely he is to adopt technological advancements. On the other hand, negative relationship refers to a state where variables are inversely proportional to each other. Senior citizens are less likely to adopt to technological advancements.

In order to efficiently convey the relationships and variables, researchers go through a process known as conceptualization. This process involves three primary steps. identification of variables, hypothesis statement and relationships and drawing a conceptual model. A conceptual model is primarily a diagram which a researcher uses to depict the relationships between variables and the hypothesis constructed during

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