Need An Argumentative Essay On Module 5 Discussion Questions Needs To Be 2 Pages

Need an argumentative essay on Module 5 Discussion Questions. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Interoperability among all hospitals in the United States cannot be reengineered if there is no data (Kleinke, 2011). There is no doubt that America cannot truly reform its healthcare delivery, and that America will never be able to attain real accountability of quality and cost until they have healthcare data, which are computerized effectively. Trying to set up a well functioning and accountable data system is an endeavor in futility (McGlynn, 2010). It cannot be done just like that, but healthcare policymakers can come up to regulation which the congress can consider liable to the healthcare sector. Computerized healthcare should be a top priority if this nation wants to achieve interoperability in their nation. Healthcare, in this 21st century, cannot be reconstructed without computerizing it. In order for hospitals to diagnose their patients on time, they need to incorporate computerized systems. It will help them in working fast (Kleinke, 2011).

One of the world’s leading database vendors is Google Inc. Google, unlike other database vendors, comes up with innovations that other database vendors cannot create. They are considered leaders of everything (Boulton, 2012). According to research, the Google database system can overcome a majority of network latency issues in keeping and retrieving data globally across computers in the organization’s dozens of data centers. Google’s database system was intended to improve the organization’s services to businesses and consumers, but could also be offered as a service to clients using cloud computing to store their information, or even as a cloud-based information analytic engine. One of the advantages of Goodge’s database system is that data can be transported to other storage equipments and underutilized computing, and can be duplicated in computers across numerous data

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