Need An Argumentative Essay On Movie Osama Needs To Be 2 Pages Please No Plagiar

Need an argumentative essay on Movie osama. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

My mother and I are left with little to no options.

My mother, feeling like there is no other option, has had the idea to dress me as a boy in order for me to seek employment. She has opted to call me ‘Osama’ and we both are desperately concerned that the Taliban will discover my true identity if we are not very careful. I must embark on a journey to find employment as a boy in order for my mother and I to have enough money to survive.

I am only 12 and it is hard for me to understand the stringency and rules being placed on the society in which I live, especially when they create such a difficult environment for women and girls. Every moment of every day must be planned out in advance if one is female, in order to make sure that there is a male to provide accompaniment. If a woman does happen to venture out on her won, the Taliban will surely punish her. These patriarchal rules make being female not only next to impossible, but almost ike one is living under a curse. It is as though women are such lesser beings that they must cover their faces and bodies to hide every part of themselves from view.

I dream of living in a place where the patriarchy of the Taliban does not dictate every move of one’s life and where women are not only free to experience sunlight on their skin, but are also able to leave their homes without a man. I long for this burden of making ends meet to be lifted from my mother as well as from me. It is so difficult to survive under circumstances where one needs to work alone but tot hen not be permitted to do so is painfully difficult.

I do not like the culture in which I live and am accustomed. I want to leave this place but feel trapped as though I will be stuck here all of my days. I do not feel that thi culture offers me any type of future as a female. I watch my mother and can see how years of thi type of oppression have weighed her down and made her who she is today.

I dislike

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