Need An Argumentative Essay On My Genre Ation Needs To Be 5 Pages Please No Plag

Need an argumentative essay on My Genre-ation. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Die Soldaten’s audio quality is superior due to the advanced technology available then and better recording techniques. This piece is a more dramatic composition different from La Traviata. It depicts extreme human emotions as that of fear, outrage and aggression.

Die Soldaten requires 16 singing and 10 speaking roles apart from one hundred piece orchestra involving instruments ranging from stringed-instruments, to wind instruments, and unusual folk percussion instruments. It is bounded by the strict 12 tone music and exhibits a high degree of complexity despite its detailed design for a stage performance.

Die Soldaten uses superior technology like, film screens, projectors, tape recorders and loudspeakers in addition to special effects. The orchestra is composed of flutes, oboes, clarinets, trumpets, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoons, horns, trombones, bass tuba, timpani, crotales, cymbals, gongs, tamtams, tambourine, bongos, tomtoms, tumba, friction drum, triangles, cow bells, tubular bells, whips, castanets, guiro, maracas, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, guitar, harps, glockenspiel, celesta, harpsichord, piano and strings.

The composition is titled as La Traviata and was written in the mid 19th century during the Romantic Era of Classic Music. It was first performed live in front of an audience on 6th of March in 1853. La Traviata though embellished with symphonic ornamentation and decorated with lyrical prose and other elements of a full-fledged Opera like: heavy costumes, dominant instrument orchestration and vocal choir, presents strong and clear emotions by the leading characters. As observed in the musical pieces in La Traviata, specifically in Act 1, “the drinking act” where “Violetta” the leading character is seen to be drinking and making merry, the piece encompasses human desperation in relationships and the irresistible lure

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