Need An Argumentative Essay On My Greatest Achievement Needs To Be 1 Pages Pleas

Need an argumentative essay on My Greatest Achievement. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Accomplishment is on the definition as the measure of maximum realization of desire. wish or even ambition. My first life-changing experience is when i participated in the campaign organized by the Red Cross Group of my home district, with the aim of providing a free health check to impoverished people in my home town. I am on assignment helping other groupmembers to distribute medicine to the natives. Learning needs of the folks in my place and having my evaluation on possible solutions and aid that I can render to these people. I believe it to be the most outstanding because I attained it through passion and heartily desire. I have accomplished this through hard work inspired by the agenda which I have for my community despite my stomach disorder.

Through my attainment of total social well-being, I have resolved to pursue a higher level of learning to maximize fully on my proficiency, diligence and satisfaction to the society. Though financial constraints have been a continuing pull down factor, I have made scholarship applications with the hope of securing admission at the Sterling College which is a Christian college in Sterling, Kansas. At Sterling College, I would like to pursue a career in biology, pre-meds and a minor in music with an aim of helping young children suffering from cancer in my community.

In conclusion, through the motivation I have been having through the various awards I have attained, such as the President’s Education Award for the last three years.

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