Need An Argumentative Essay On Neonatal Nursing Respiratory Distress Syndrome Ne

Need an argumentative essay on Neonatal Nursing: Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Needs to be 13 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Baby X, a male infant, was born on 21/4/2011 to a primigravida mother at 35 weeks of gestation through spontaneous normal vaginal delivery. The birth weight was 2832 grams. The mother conceived after in vitro fertilization. The baby was born in a good condition. APGAR Score at 1 minute was 9/10 and at 5 and 10 minutes was 10/10. Heart rate was more than 100 per minute. At 12 minutes of life, baby X was noticed to have a sternal recession, nasal flaring and grunting because of which he was transferred to the neonatal unit. A diagnosis of respiratory distress, prematurity and ?sepsis was made. The baby was kept in an incubator for warmth. The intravenous cannula was inserted and blood samples sent for routine investigations and blood culture. The bay was started on 10 % dextrose solution intravenously at 60ml/kg/day. Chest X-ray was taken after 4 hours of life. CPAP was initiated. The chest X-ray was suggestive of respiratory distress syndrome. The CPAP requirement on the first day of life was CPAP 6 cm/h2o and 21 percent oxygen (air). The aim of saturation was at least 94 percent. The baby was kept nil by mouth and broad-spectrum intravenous antibiotics were started. On the second day, the baby was weaned from CPAP to nasal cannula oxygen. The intravenous fluids were increased to 90ml/kg/day with 10 percent dextrose. Intravenous antibiotics were continues while awaiting blood culture reports. The baby was continued to be Nil by Mouth and in an incubator.&nbsp.Cranial ultrasound done on the third day of life was normal.

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