Need An Argumentative Essay On Neurology 1 Needs To Be 4 Pages Please No Plagiar

Need an argumentative essay on Neurology 1. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Consequently, the process moves to degenerating brain that further leads to demise of mental functions. This leads to dementia. Various diseases lead to dementia. However, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of the conditions leading to dementia. The most apparent conditions of dementia are confusion and memory loss. Failure of memory is found to be quite rare (Mesulam, 2007, p.11).

Very similar to Alzheimer’s, dementia affects that part of the brain which is responsible for the maximum and most complicated as well as multiple number of functions, the frontal lobe. This part is located right above the eye, and the parts of the brain leading to it, which include the cortical and subcortical parts, are also affected. This part of the brain is developed later on in a child’s life, thus it determines the personality and learning skills of an individual human being. This part of the brain also helps a person in understanding the fear related to doing something or the awkwardness as well.

Dementia brings damage to it to such an extent, that the patient feels trouble in many basic chores of our daily life, which include tying laces, talking appropriately or even touching someone without a reason. However, as the frontal lobes have multiple functions, damage to any different area will result in lack of numerous kinds of skills which are not restricted. Thus, the effects of dementia always or commonly vary per person. Therefore, the symptoms for this disease are not specified nor have any bound.

Many causes result as the existence of dementia. Most of the causes are difficult to tell. Various medical conditions can cause symptoms of dementia. Nutritional deficiencies, intake of harmful drugs, head injuries, strokes, infections and various diseases are few causes of dementia. All the types of dementia reflect dysfunction that affects the brain

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