Need An Argumentative Essay On Newcastle And Gateshead Landscape Community And A

Need an argumentative essay on Newcastle and Gateshead: Landscape, Community and and society in the novels of Jonathan Tulloch. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The major writings of Jonathan Tulloch that shall be examined in this paper shall include the Bony Lad, The Lottery and The Season Ticket. These chosen writings from the author are naturally believed by the researcher as the very mirror of the real life as suggested by Tulloch. Through the inspiration that he got from the society that he is living in, it could be observed that most of his stories naturally depict the reality of life as he obviously understands it.

Through this particular analysis paper, it is expected that the author would be able to find fine connections on the descriptions of the English society with regards the landscape, the community values that they are realizing while living within the said area. It could be noted that what the author of this analysis further wants to point out is the possible fact that the descriptions of Tulloch with regards his society and their search for real happiness and contentment in life may indeed give a clear picture with regards the realities covering the entire society today.

No, this story is not about romance. Instead, it is a writing that is most focused on the ways by which a young abandoned boy and an old man developed care for each other. The father and son image suggested through the story narrated in this plot through the characters describe the undeniable connection that is formed among humans who are in great need of company. The said story is to be remembered as plotted within the territories of Gateshead, which is known for its developing state during the time, when Tulloch wrote this particular story. Likely, the plot of the story aims to define the kind of development that is happening within the territories of Gateshead community that also affect the social development of young individuals. However, amidst developments, the improvement of the relationship between the rich and the poor could not be denied to be most likely impacting the lives of the oppressed ones as they try to

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