Need An Argumentative Essay On Nivea Needs To Be 3 Pages Please No Plagiarism Op

Need an argumentative essay on NIVEA. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

optimization, it is important for the company to ensure that its budget is well allocated so that it can effectively meet its objectives in meeting the objectives outlined in its marketing mix (Jaccard 2013). This includes ensuring that besides achievement of the objectives, it should have a good and reliable supply chain for delivering the products to markets at the most convenient times as needed by the customers.

Having made a good household brand, it is the company’s duty to ensure that it consolidates on its management and marketing strategies to consolidate its market share in the increasingly competitive world. With proper planning, Nivea Company can manage to rely on the success of this brand by creating and implementing growth and development strategies (Nivea Visage Young 2015).

One of the ways to achieve this goal will be a consistent market research, which will ensure that the company understands knows new competitors emerging in the market as well as their competitive strategies (Jaccard 2013). In this regard, Nivea Company will be better placed to develop counter approaches that will ensure that it retains its market share and competitive advantage. Another important approach that the company will have to implement includes understanding methods of employee satisfaction, which will ensure that it has a pool of highly dedicated employees, who can discharge their duties in the interest of the company (Nivea Visage Young 2015). This is because, in many instances, the success of a company does not just rely on the best and innovative strategies that it develops but rather, it is their full implementation. Having the best and productive staff is as good as having monopoly over an essential resource in the industry, thus excellent company success.

As the company heads in the future, its managers have a duty to ensure that they develop growth strategies ad systems that will cement its position as the market leader in the industry. According to Jaccard

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