Need An Argumentative Essay On No Single Aetiological Factor In Isolation Can Ac

Need an argumentative essay on ‘no single aetiological factor in isolation can account for the development of eating disorders.’ Discuss. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

occurs when a person losses control over his or her eating habits and tend to consume large amounts of food and does not entail purging often leading to overweight or obese individuals.

There is no single cause of eating disorder that acts in isolation. The actual causes of eating disorders appear to result from interactive factors including cultural and family pressures, emotional and personality disorders. Genetics and biological factors also play a dominant role (Schmidt, 596)

Social attitudes towards body images have been ascribed to the onset of eating disorders. Social perceptions with regards weight loss and weight gain have an immense effect on an individual’s body image. Western societies with superfluous rates of bulimia and anorexia exhibit societal trends where thinness is associated with attractiveness, success and self control. Being overweight is considered a personal failure and obesity is scorned and chastised (Schmidt , 591)

In theory, social attitudes towards beauty and weight loss produce unrealistic body image in people who develop bulimia nervosa making them believe they are heavier than they actually are and begin to diet to attain their distorted body image. The populace is also in-undated with myriads of social image that equate thinness with happiness and success (Field , 162)

Individuals with eating disorders often hail from family environments that are subjective to physical, emotional and sexual abuse or families where losing weight and body image are considered pragmatic and met with appraisal (Field, 165)

Anxiety disorders and depression commonly coexist with eating disorders and usually propel their focus on weight gain, body image and losing weight. Patients suffering from bulimia nervosa often have difficulties with impulsive control which explicates the uncontrollable nature of binge eating. Many people with bulimia nervosa experience obsessive behaviour like obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) as revealed by the study

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