Need An Argumentative Essay On Not Yet Needs To Be 3 Pages Please No Plagiarism

Need an argumentative essay on Not yet. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

It has also helped the company to maintain its sustainability. The company also has a wide product line. This is a subsection of the product mix. The Coca-Cola Company has a lot of products that have similar features which helps to attract the buyers. Providing consumers with a variety of products to choose from, and will therefore not require one to look for something from a different brand. This has made it a very popular company (Dost, 2006).

The Coca-Cola Company has a wide product width. this means the different categories of products that the company has. The coca cola products have been put into many different categories. this makes it easy to please customers and to entice the prospective buyers. The product length of a company is the types of products within a company which complement each other. The company has been able to expand its width considerably, as it has many more beverages that are related to each other, even if they are not sold together. The company also boasts of a product depth where a product has different categories. For example, the coca cola company has coke light, coke classic, and coke diet (Coca-Cola, 2015). This makes it a very convenient product because one never runs out of alternatives to choose from (Ferrell & Hartline, 2007).

The brand of a company is its unique identification name and symbol. This helps it to be easily distinguished from other companies. For the Coca-Cola classic, its brand name is quite popular all around the world. This has helped the company to flourish because it is outstanding, and a customer will not have any doubts that the product he or she is purchasing is the very one that they wanted. The coca cola company has many different brands. This makes it easier for buyers to choose the product they want. It has also helped to expand the company because of the brand loyalty that it has acquired over the years. It is a huge brand. therefore any product that is associated

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