Need An Argumentative Essay On Nursing Managemnt Needs To Be 2 Pages Please No P

Need an argumentative essay on Nursing managemnt. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.


As a health professional, nurses often find themselves in an ethical dilemma when administering these palliative interventions. thus, authors of the article define and differentiate palliative sedation, voluntary euthanasia, and physician-assisted death. According to Parker, Paine & Parker (2011), palliative interventions differ only in terms of the actor’s identity as palliative sedation administer sedatives to relieve intractable pain and other distressing symptoms that often accompany later stages of a terminal illness, physician-assisted death prescribes barbiturate at a dose that enables patient to immediately terminate his/her own life when he/she chooses to ingest it, and voluntary euthanasia entails an affirmative act of one person to bring about the death of another (p. 59). Differences between the palliative interventions were clearly addressed but not the boundaries between law and bioethics which has caused ambivalence among health care providers, particularly nurses. The law grounds palliative interventions to the patient’s right to autonomy but the ethical distinction between affirmative interventions and passive decisions opposes the general application. Meanwhile, bioethics justify palliative interventions in terms of double-effect but some state laws limit application because palliative interventions might be considered as homicide subject to criminal prosecution.

In line with this, commentators proposed the development of clinical guidelines that are susceptible to universal population to enhance critical thinking and analysis of nurses in palliative measures and to create a framework for a focused decision process, and should include: education of medical and nursing staff, a provision that limit and incorporate safeguards, implementation of palliative after consultation of the attending physician to the interdisciplinary team, establishment of an internal mechanism, and adopting sedation

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