Need An Argumentative Essay On Observational Studty Survey Research Needs To Be

Need an argumentative essay on Observational Studty Survey Research. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

However, more research or more information should be provided in this area of study in an effort to come up with preventive and control measures in addition to improvement and development programs on smoking cessation and anxiety disorders.

Despite the fact that smoking has been identified as one of the leading health hazards, more that 21% of the population of United States still continue with the habit of smoking. High smoking prevalence rates have been observed among people with psychiatric disorders such as anxiety. Despite this realization, researches on the correlation between smoking and anxiety continue to receive less attention among researchers in comparison to other psychiatric conditions commonly witnessed with tobacco intake. This paper with the use of already existing literature, critically examines the correlation between anxiety and tobacco and nicotine dependence/use. To achieve this, the paper is based on a survey conducted by students from Pierce College and CSUN. Following the limitations on the extent of the researches carried out on the same issue, the paper had to include other reviews in addition to the survey and borrowed information from already conducted studies (Billings and Moss, 1998).

The data on the correlation between smoking and anxiety has proved to be inconsistent depending on the smoking stage of the subject being investigated. Some of the evidences from different researches are in support of the notion that anxiety increases the smoking initiation risks. This includes a research conducted by Patton on adolescents which indicates that anxiety symptoms predicted and initiated smoking experiments among peers which in the long run increased the chances of such teenagers growing up to be daily smokers (Billings and Moss, 1998). There are several factors that have been observed to influence the relationship

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