Need An Argumentative Essay On Ocd Needs To Be 2 Pages Please No Plagiarism The

Need an argumentative essay on OCD. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The affected usually have good insight and the disease tends to run through families. The cause is a neuronal dysfunction in an area controlling primitive function (Kohn, 2012).

There are four OCD DSM features (Susan, 2007). The first include the presence of obsessive images, impulses or thoughts. The thoughts are more than a reflection of excess worries. The person is unable to suppress or ignore these thoughts. The thoughts lead to distress and anxiety. The second feature includes the presence of behavior which is repetitive or compulsive. The person performs the action to decrease stress due to OCD. The third feature is that the patient recognizes that the actions are unreasonable and in excess. The fourth feature is that the obsession occupies significant time of the patient (Kohn, 2012).

The case history is of two females. Marna and Laura have OCD and are long time friends. They have lived with the disease since childhood. However, they have different symptoms. Both have significant mental history in their families. Marna is obsessed with orderliness. Laura is a checker. she arranges paper works among others. Both have insight into their condition, and they claim that it consumes significant time in the lives. This has impaired their quality of life. Both employ humor as a coping mechanism for their anxiety. Both are on mediations and have joined support groups. They report their symptoms have been improving (Kohn, 2012).

Currently about 2% of the adult population have been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (Kohn, 2012). Approximately 4% will have the disorder at one time in their lives (Kalat, 2010). About a third of the OCD cases begin in childhood. The disorder can begin anytime between preschool and adulthood. It starts gradually especially during adolescence and early adulthood. Children develop the compulsive symptoms before they experience the obsessive thoughts. However, children lack insight and thus majority of

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