Need An Argumentative Essay On On Learning To Read And Write By Federick Douglas

Need an argumentative essay on On Learning to read and write, by Federick Douglass. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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In both of these narrations, there are murders committed by persons who are trying to prove a point but not out of vengeance. The monster in the Poovey’s story does not feel any guilt of his atrocities. however, the narrator in the “The Tell-Tale Heart” narrative feels the guilt that is manifested in an auditory hallucination. The story Tell Tale Hear is a basic level conflict story. The story depicts mental conflict particularly within the narrator. Using obvious statements and clues, Poe tentatively alerts the reader of the narrator’s insanity. The insanity of the narrator is described with his nature of the obsession of the old man’s eye that overrides him thereby leading him loss of control of himself and then he ends up in violence (Poe 04). As the story unfolds, the narrator reveals how he murdered his housemate. Up to this point, Poe is only revealing to the readers the brutal insanity of the narrator. Despite the insanity and the feelings of the narrator that he could keep this murder a secret, the guilt overwhelms him and eventually confesses of his supposed perfect crime. In most cases, people tend to think that insane people are often excited to share their rightful mind. In this case, Poe reveals that guilt is an emotional characteristic share within humanity despite the state of mind. Therefore, even the insane persons are never above or below feeling of guilt and its eventual havoc of psyche. The main theme in this story seems to address the emotional feelings in the human race. Other than the theme of emotional feelings, the story is embedded in heaps of secrecy. The use of first person and the unreliable narrator and unjustified revelation reveal his paranoia and monomania. The reader of Poe’s story is subjected to numerous counts of assumptions in the story unlike in the Poovey’s narration. From the every fist instance, the reader is not told whether the narrator is a woman or man. However, from his actions and the way he talks, readers may only assume that he may be a male. The monster in the Poovey’s work is clearly identified as a man whose intentions are driven social realization of the society (Shelley 347). Additionally, Poe has not actually revealed why the narrator decided to kill the old. He only talks of possession of the narrator on the old man’s eye, a factor that can not justify taking away of once life. After killing the old man, the narrator pleads innocence despite his actions (Poe 20). On the other had, Poovey is pleading the innocence on the atrocity committed by the monster on the woman. The narrator’s explanations to prove his innocence leads him to self destruction since have he attempts to peg his actions on insanity than his guilt to murder intensifies. Furthermore, he attempts to deny insanity based on his systematic actions, as well as precision. however, all these explanations only reveal his irrational behaviors. Regardless of his explanation, narrator can never convince the reader of the rational of his actions. however, Poovey took it her responsibility to defend the monster. Poovey says that the monster committed the evil deeds because of overactive egotistical desire or imagination to prove one’s self, but it was pushed to fulfill the societal demands (Shelley 350).

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