Need An Argumentative Essay On Onflicting Messages Often Characterize Ethics In

Need an argumentative essay on Onflicting messages often characterize ethics in psychology research and practice. The ethics involved in teaching and supervision are no different. Those in positions of professional oversight might find themselves having to choose between courses of act. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

An ethical decision is described as a conclusion, which is in line with the law and one that meets the moral standards of the community. This requires involves involved in an ethical dilemma to use models of ethical decision making when resolving cases of unethical behavior.

In our case, the head of our department included himself as the sole author of the investigated issue with a clear knowledge that the research ideas provided were not his own. Indicated my name and my colleagues in the appendix portrayed us as members who remained passive in the course of investigations. This case study involves two ethical dilemmas including direct and vicarious liability and informed consent. The head of department caused the ethical dilemmas that we experienced because he authored our own work without informing us. Putting our names on the appendices showed lack of respect, recognition and acknowledgement of the information we had presented to him, which he actually copied and handed over as if it was his personal research. This form of unethical behavior caused us pain and we saw the need for resolving it using models of decision-making.

Another ethical dilemma involved in the case study is informed consent. The head of department had the knowledge that the information he is presenting to the dean, which contains the research conducted is a contribution of three individuals. By so doing, he should have included their names in the authors section instead of listing them in the appendices. This would have accredited them as part of authors of this research and prevent the cause of conflicts arising. Inclusion of their names in the research would have qualified the as partakers and allow them to go through both the rough and completed draft after compiling the information (Watley & May, 2004).

After realizing the ethical dilemma, the first thing I would do is to find a solution to the unethical behavior that has occurred.

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