Need An Argumentative Essay On Operation Management Needs To Be 11 Pages Please

Need an argumentative essay on Operation management. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The input transformation output model reflects the transformational process where the inputs gained are transformed or converted into saleable outputs. The model reflects the feeding of inputs to a transformational box for being converted into outputs. An ideal Input-Output Transformational Model can be divided into different subparts such that each of the different subparts reflects on the different types of sub-operations that are being carried out to produce the final output (Mahadevan, 2009). Inputs generated are subjected to conversions such that they are transformed into effective outputs which are then marketed at a given rate. The input-output transformational model can be essentially reflected as under.

The above model reflects on the different type of inputs that are fed into the transformational block to be converted into meaningful outputs. Each of the different grids reflect the different types of operational processes that are being carried out relating to the corresponding inputs to produce the desired output (Gupta & Starr, 2014).

The application of the input-output transformational process related to the case study reflects that different inputs related to the raw materials pertaining to harvesting of lettuce in the fields of Lincolnshire and also the manpower involved in the harvesting, reaping, packing and sorting process. The operational activities relating to harvesting of lettuce is carried out in the fields such that the same is linked to a factory outlet where the employees operate to dress the raw materials and in making them ready to be packed and sold in the market. The transformational stage relating to the harvesting Lettuce in the fields of Lincolnshire operations pertain to the dressing of the lettuces and putting them into packets. A fraction of the manpower is involved relating to the creation of boxes or creates in which the harvested

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