Need An Argumentative Essay On Operational It Services Case Study Needs To Be 16

Need an argumentative essay on Operational IT services Case Study. Needs to be 16 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The organization chart is given in Appendix 1. .The important business activities include Sales, Pricing, Marketing, Booking, Reservations, Tour Packaging, Collection, Payment, Invoicing and Billing. People they mostly deal with are Clients, Suppliers, and Tour Agents.

They also use MYOB Accounts Package to keep their daily accounts and intend to interlink it with the new Travel and Booking System TABS. Figure 1 depicts the department, people and software currently used by the Red Sky Company

Wilson Consulting Services (WCS) is the company who is developing Travel and Booking System (TABS) for Red Sky Travel. They have all the necessary technical and servicing staff for developing and deploying the TABS. The technical staff of Wilson Consulting Services includes Project Managers, Analysts, Programmers, Testers, Technical Writers, Service Desk Manager, and Service staff.

Red Sky Travel staff that is going to use the software will be oriented by the Wilson Consulting Services. A deal is also made for accessing VMware Service Manager 9 range of software which will provide support for any ITIL process that is implemented. A fee will be charged for support of ITIL process.

The system is expected to become live in 12 weeks time and it is expected to automate important data of travel business and its interfacing and linking with other application program such as MYOB Account Right Premier Package and VMware Service Manager 9 range of software.

The services in information technology are managed through a set of processes called ITSM which stands for Information Technology Service Management. Figure 2 depicts complete flow of services in ITSM Methodology. (ITSM Consulting Services)[1]

ITSM methodology starts with the customers or business end-users who give their needs or requirements such as business strategy, service planning, organization planning and Technology planning through the Requirement Definition Process.Once the requirements are defined

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