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Need an argumentative essay on Organizational Psychology Leadership. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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It is proved that leadership is a key indicator of organizational psychology, reflecting the psychological and social trends developed within each particular organization. At the same time it is made clear that the approaches used by researchers when having to explore the particular subject may be differentiated, a fact that cannot influence the value of organizational psychology as a factor influencing all aspects of organizational life, including leadership. Also, after examining the content and structure of the three studies, the following assumption has been developed: all of them have addressed their aims. however, the study of Strauss, Griffin and Rafferty (2009) seems to be more appropriately structured and justified responding fully to the requirements of academic research. Aims In the study of Vigoda-Gadot (2007), aims are clearly stated: reference is made to the effort of the researchers to identify ‘politics can be a mediator between the leadership styles and the formal and informal aspects of employee performance (Vigoda-Gadot 2007, p.661). Rowold &amp. Schlotz (2009) also clearly state – in the introductory section – the aim of their study: to prove that leadership style can lead to the employees’ chronic stress. In the third study also, no problem seems to exist regarding the presentation of the study’s aims. Strauss, Griffin and Rafferty (2009) make clear that their study focuses on the identification of the relationship between leadership and employees’ proactivity. However, the specific study seems to have an advantage – regarding the presentation of its aims – compared to the previous two studies. analytical explanations are providing regarding the decision of the authors to choose the particular subject and the gaps in the literature that the study is expected to cover. Structure The structure of the study of Vigoda-Gadot (2007) can be characterized as quite satisfactory, focusing on the analysis of the issues under discussion. moreover, the literature related to the issue under discussion is analytically presented – headings and sub-headings have been employed for increasing the quality of the flow of the text and ensuring that all parts of the text are distinctive, a fact that can be considered as an advantage of the particular paper. From a similar point of view, in the studies of Strauss, Griffin &amp. Rafferty, A. (2009) and Rowold &amp. Schlotz (2009), no problem seems to exist regarding their structure. sub-headings have been used to indicate the parts of the paper and the order/ reasoning of methodology involved. Between the specific two studies also, an advantage seems to exist for that of Strauss, Griffin &amp. Rafferty (2009). Comparing the three studies, it could be noted that the Vigoda-Gadot (2007) offers more analytical explanations on leadership and its role within organization. moreover, the issues discussed are fully and adequately justified using appropriate theories and empirical evidence.

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